The past 5 years has seen the annual value of the Saudi wood market increase to $1.6 Billion and the growth looks set to continue.In association with Ventures Middle East, we are pleased to release the 'Wood opportunities in Saudi Arabia' report.The report highlights the overview and future outlook of the industry. Download the report to find out more.






Hotel solutions zone

A focused zone dedicated to showcasing smart solutions and innovative applications for outdoor decoration in hotel establishments.


Live product demonstrations

Exhibitors will give hands-on demonstrations at a live demo theatre in front of a group of key buyers.


Sustainable village

A special presentation of eco-friendly construction building systems, using wood as the base material and featuring modern design, which aims to promote zero energy consumption.


Factory & furniture advisory services area

A focused area for advisory companies who offer services to the furniture manufacturing industry, to ensure sustainable improvements and real competitive advantage in production.



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